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Latest News @ Campus

Tomorrow (02-08-14) exams postponed
Added on: 1st August 2014 -- 08:56 PM (Friday)

Jntuk: All Exams Are Postponed on 02.08.14 and Rescheduled
Added on: 1st August 2014 -- 04:40 PM (Friday)

Tomorrow (01-08-2014) holiday
Added on: 31st July 2014 -- 01:04 PM (Thursday)

Jntuk: All Exams Are Postponed on 01.08.14 and Rescheduled
Added on: 30th July 2014 -- 09:38 PM (Wednesday)

Tomorrow (29-07-2014) Holiday
Added on: 28th July 2014 -- 04:13 PM (Monday)

Happy Ramadan !!!

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